Phased Array Instrument uses square wave pulse to generate the pulse. The pulse voltage and pulse width are adjusted directly to provide precise control over pulse shape. Pulse width must be adjusted to match the probe frequency as for the formulae below:

The width of the beam determines the lateral resolution. The length of the pulse determines the axial resolution. Shorter pulses can be achieved using higher frequency,. Typically, we adjust the pulse width to half the period. Therefore:

PW pulser (ns) = 500 / Probe freq. (MHz)

Pulse voltage is adjusted to minimize front wall distortion with power required. It is also dependent on the probe pitch size. Smaller elements should be energized with smaller voltage. Note that probe life will be reduced if small element are energized with high voltages:

Recommended Voltage

–  for pitch size greater than 1 mm : 140 and more

–  for pitch size between 0,5 mm and 1 mm: 90-130 V

–  for pitch size less than 0,5 mm: 80 volts are less

Pulse width vs Frequency