Custom Software


Custom Software.  The UT software is customized to fit your needs. Most UT software are filled with superfluous tools that you may not need for your application. This is excellent for a specialist that is looking for all the tools he may need now and in the future, but of little use for a non-specialist trying to do a specific job efficiently. Furthermore, the features you need may not be included in the general UT software.

We simplify the interface to the minimum and develop it for a specific purpose. Development is therefore application specific and often leads to a GO-NO-GO solution. This is a cost-effective solution as not only are the mechanics, electronics and UT instrument are selected to meet your needs but the operator software as well.

As we customize, we can automate the full process including: UT set-up, defect assessment, report generation and part acceptability.

As we are UT specialists and not software developers, we build a NDT software solution that meets the specification as well as the quality requirement. Our aim is to propose a NDT solution that works perfectly and that is scalable should the application evolve in the future.


Operator Interfaces

Our methodology starts with the application. We must fully understand your part, material, processes to recommend a cost-effective solution:

1. Part shape/material/size to be inspected
2. Defects to detect
3. Acceptance criteria
4. Plant Set-up and conditions
5. Parts/hours
6. Output required
7. Specifications to meet
8. Interactions to facility software

The operator software is what the user see. In addition, the software platform includes a supervisor software which is used to set-up the application. It is transparent to the user but may be made available to advanced users, should there be a need to do additional set-ups. Supervisor software screen follow: