Enhancing Quality: Ultrasonic Inspection Services

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Within today's fast-paced industrial scenario, ensuring the quality and integrity of materials and components is paramount. Ultrasonic inspection systems play a crucial role in this endeavor, offering precise and reliable detection of [...]

Innovation in Inspection: Automated Scanner Solutions

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Automated ultrasonic scanner accessories have revolutionized the field of inspection, offering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. At TDNDE, we are proud to lead the way in providing cutting-edge automated ultrasonic scanner [...]

Mastering Precision: Tech Development Services by TDNDE

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Within the realm of non-destructive testing (NDT), mastering precision is paramount, and Technique Development Support plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. TDNDE, a leading authority in non-destructive testing [...]

Elevate Quality: Level III UT Approved Solutions

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Within the ever-evolving industry of non-destructive testing, the quest for precision and reliability is paramount. TDNDE stands at the forefront of this pursuit, offering Level III UT Services and approved systems [...]

Level III Services

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TD NDE provide ASNT certified UT Level III services with experience in a variety of industries. Services include: Corporate UT Level III to assist in audits, documentation, training, [...]

Gimbal Manipulator

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This Phased Array manipulator is designed for manual and semi-automated immersion system. It can be used to ensure perpendicularity during calibration or to add additional axes to a system. [...]

Ultrasonic Table Top Scanner

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A new product line dedicated to small laboratory type scanners is launched. Table Top scanners are aimed at inspecting small parts. Perfectly suited for light work, training, part qualification [...]

Near Field Calculation and Beam Divergence

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Near field calculation and beam divergence are well known for conventional transducers. For a phased array probe, we need to treat the active and the passive axes separately. The [...]

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Surface-adaptive ultrasound (SAUL) for Phased Array inspection of composite specimens with curved edges and complex geometry

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Please note: this paper is available for download on our PDF downloads page as well. D. L. Hopkins1, M. Brassard2, G. A. Neau1,4, Jean-Noel Noiret3, W. V. Johnson1 and [...]

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Effect of Rough Surfaces

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The condition of the surface through which a sound beam enters a material affects ultrasonic measurements. Increased roughness reduces the transmitted energy of the sound beam and this, in [...]

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A digitizer converts the echo waveforms returned by the ultrasonic transducer into digital information using an ADC. For applications that require well-shaped waveforms in the time-domain, a sample rate 10 [...]

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Reflector Plate Inspection

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Ultrasonic inspection of certain composite materials can be difficult. In fact, highly dense composite materials produce noisy ultrasonic response to pulse-echo inspections. Also, through transmission techniques cannot always be [...]

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Side Lobes and Grating Lobees

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Since Phased arrays have discrete elements, equally spaced, they can experienced side and grating lobes. They are experienced when the element spacing is greater than a half wavelength (see [...]

Material Velocities/Wavelength/Attenuation

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The following table can be used as a quick reference for the wavelength, speed of sound of most commonly used material. Some useful definition includes: Near Surface Resolution: Minimum distance [...]

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Porosities – Ultrasonic

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Porosity is a known detrimental material condition that includes a plurality of voids in the composite material caused by trapped or evolved gases which may be caused by improper processing, [...]

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Sensitivity and Resolution

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Sensitivity is the ability of an ultrasonic system to detect defects at a given depth in a test material. The greater the signal that is received from these reflectors, the [...]

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Ultrasonic Data Displays

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Ultrasonic data can be collected and displayed in a number of different formats. A scan can be shown as an RF, half waves (positive or negative) or a rectified signal. [...]

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