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Specialists In ULTRASONIC

TD NDE ™ provides a comprehensive array of engineering and technical non-destructive evaluation services and products. We specialize in engineering, consulting, manufacturing and integration of Advanced Automated Ultrasonic Systems.

We provide innovative technological solutions in the fields of manufacturing and industrial processes with the help of our team of qualified experts in physics, mechanics, automation, robotics and software.

Our expertise includes complex 3D contour following, NDT simulation, scan plan automation, data analysis, as well as automated, manual and semi-automated system design and manufacturing.

Most of all, our emphasis lies around Automation, Ease of Use and Flexibility. This includes custom interfaces for users not qualified in NDT, automated analysis software, part recognition, robotics and custom mechanics. Our extensive experience with NDT systems puts us in an ideal position to help clients achieve the industrial efficiency they are seeking, minimizing costs leading to the quality of products.

Robotic Systems

Built to fit your needs.

Ultrasonic Products

Customized Mechanical/Electrical/UT


Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic UT


Automation, HMI, Path Planning Software

NDT Software

Automation, HMI, Path Planning Software


Studies, Training, Support


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Knowledge Base

Knowledge base and Download

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Tell us your needs. What you want to measure, the defects you want to find, the specific about your facility and operations, your process, the expected results and how you want to use the machine. We will propose an NDT system design to meet these needs.

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