What is the thickness range it can be used for and is there a part size limit?

The Mepuls ™ can measure thicknesses from 0.7 mm (0.028’’) to 20 mm (0.79’’). Once the range of thicknesses is known, an optimize setup is created (software and hardware). The overall size of the part is not a restriction on the Mepuls point of view because it is directly integrated on your CNC. You have to see this product as a simple tool that you can add to your CNC tool rack without any modification needed on your CNC. In brief, the size of your part is restricted only by your CNC.

What does a Mepuls ™ delivery include?

Two main items: the interface acquisition enclosure and the measurement unit. The measurement unit, is a tool head,  which can reside in the tool changer or else it can be placed manually on the CNC. The interface between the tool head and the acquisition enclosure is wireless. The interface between the box and the CN is with a cable.

How does the Mepuls attached to the CNC?

An attachment to fit the Mepuls Graflex is required. For example, for a HSK 64, the interface is Part number EM93044012.

Summarize the measurement process

The client is responsible to move the Mepuls to the measurement location. It is the user that must program its PLC to go to the right measurement points, the same process that when machining is done. The acquisition box is the interface between the CNC and the Mepuls. It can also save the measurement points that are transferred to the CNC. The user can implement sub-routine to stop, start, make measurements in its G-code. An example of a sub-program follows:
N24080G0 X170Y-700
N24081 MEPULS03
N24082 MEPULS01(-78,12)
;point  1 measurements
N24083G0 X3292 Y-300
The variables MEPULS ™ 01 to 03 are integrated into the G code and mean:
MEPULS 02  MEASURE at location  X3292 Y-300

Why is the Mepuls more accurate than a manual measurement?

For several reasons:

1- the location of the measure is well controlled

2- the position of the measurement head is perfectly aligned

3- a large number of measurements are taken at each location, and the transmitted value is only provided if the variations fall within the set limits

4- calibration is automatically done and integrated into the routine

5- all measurements are automated without human intervention

Is there an analog output?

Yes, an oscilloscope can be hooked to the unit. This is not wireless and is only used for advanced set-ups.

Why do you need a fluid?

The measurements are made with an ultrasonic transducer which operates at a high frequency that does not travel well in the air. We use the cutting fluid as a couplant. For machine with  an integrated central tool lubrication, the Mepuls ™ is made to use this entry and there is nothing to do. For systems without this, we can use an external lubrification that is fed into the Mepuls ™ from the side. An adaptor needs to be ordered.