Custom Ultrasonic System

Custom Ultrasonic Systems are offered to fit your requirements. Rather than trying to fit an off-the-shelf NDT solution to your needs, we begin by knowing your parts, the elements that needs to be measured or detected, your environment, your production requirement to adapt an ultrasonic solution. Customization of the solution to inspect these may include the following:

  • Conventional or Phased Array Inspections
    • Conventional ultrasonic is simpler and less costly.
    • Phased Array is more flexible and may lead to a simpler mechanical system
  • Automation
    • Fully Manual – jigs may be developed as needed to facilitate the inspection
    • Semi-Automated – Automation of some element of the system, manual scanning is still used
    • Full Automation
  • Software
    • Acquisition – general or defined for operator
    • Analysis – general or advanced
    • Automated defect recognition
    • Database – integration to facility, customized
  • Robotic
    • Cartesian robots – number and type of axes to be defined
    • Six axis Industrial Robot
    • Manual Scanner
    • Options (jigs, turntable, rotators etc)

System can be fully motorized or manually operated, with PLC or without PLC. The software can be tailored to fit your needs.

We don’t manufacture ultrasonic instrument. We can therefore select or work with a variety of instruments which allow to use the instrument that is better suited for your application. Ultrasonic instruments include:

  • mono-element conventional UT card
  • multiplexed conventional card
  • multiplexed Phased Array Instrument
  • Parallel Phased Array Instrument

If you have a specific instrument you prefer, we will work with it. Our Custom Ultrasonic Systems do not end with the ultrasonic it includes:

  • Controller
  • software
  • mechanic
  • electric

More importantly, we ensure that the ultrasonic system meets your quality assurance needs. This can include feasibility studies, beam simulation, transducer design and defect software simulation



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Small Portable Tube System