Vision Systems

We use a variety of techniques to fit the needs of our clients. Vision, infra-red, eddy current and thermography are complementary techniques that can be used together or by themselves according to the project. Some of the vision applications we work with:

  • Surface Inspections (defects)
  • Identification of shapes and orientation
  • Absence or presence of parts
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Character recognition
  • Positioning (placement, alignment, orientation )
  • Color control


Work begins with an evaluation of the client needs and a thorough understanding of the parts and inspection conditions. The offer is complete and includes design, implementation and follow-up. Some tasks we work on:

  • Surface defects, crack, nicks gauges
  • Weld level quality
  • Parts defects
  • Positioning
  • Cable and electronic board verification

TD NDE is an expert in robotic automation. The robot integration can include precise path following or simpler joint motions. Our expertise is in robotic inspections and testings of any kind. Customers integrate vision into their automation solutions to improve quality and productivity and to lower manufacturing costs. The application may be integrated into your manufacturing facility with custom HMI and software solutions as required by our turnkey solutions.