Complex 3D Ultrasonic Scanning Systems

TD NDE ™ has extensive experience in the design and optimization of fully automated UT systems for complex composite parts. From complex to basic ultrasonic scanning systems, they are built to fit your needs. Complex contour-following (3D) systems are based on scan plans that are generated by Mastercam, integrated into a Sinumerik controller and performed in immersion. The analysis and data visualization is done using ULTIS designed for ultrasonic inspection of aerospace composites.

These systems meet the most demanding technical challenges in terms of ensuring accurate and repeatable measurements for complex 3D parts with small radii that also exhibit changes in radius, thickness, and shape, as well as part-to-part variability.

The inspection is performed using 64 parallel channels and a 16X4 matrix Phased-Array probe. The surface-adaptive methodology employed was specifically developed for automated inspection of parts with complex geometries. Surface-Adaptive ULtrasound (SAUL) is a patented technique that has been implemented by TD NDE ™ on industrial aerospace composite inspection. Because the technique is applied in real time, it is well suited to automated inspections in high-volume production environments.

System Features include:

  • Mastercam path simulation
  • Automated G code generation
  • SQL database
  • Master software to control set-up, scan plan, communication, level III network interface
  • 5 Axis Servo motors
  • Siemens Sinumerik Controller
  • Phased Array 64 parallel instrument
  • Matrix Probe
  • Automated analysis using Ultis software

Fully Automated Machines

TD NDE ™ engineered the two systems delivered to Airbus Stelia Composites. This is an example on how we integrate complex systems with our partners. We worked with two different partners to integrate the machines: Mecnov on the first machine and Sud-Ouest Systemes on the second machine. VLM Robotic in Bordeaux integrated the robots and M2M 64 channel UT electronic were installed. Our responsibility was to develop the overall concept, integrate a vision system for part recognition, develop the human control interface, interface with the plant network, integrate ultrasonic and qualify the overall process.

Upgrades and New Systems

TD NDE ™ can refurbish and retrofit your immersion system and can provide a variety of UT systems including:

  • Immersion System
  • Bar and Tube Inspection Systems
  • Table-Top scanner
  • Dedicated mechancics for automating a process
  • Manual Gimbals
  • Calibration Tools
  • Wear Plates and Shoes
  • Portable Scanners for dedicated applications – manual-motorized- X-Y or Theta

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