IN-Sight system

IN-Sight is a single or multichannel system. Available in a variety of enclosures, it can be fully customizable to fit your needs. The software uses an operator and supervisor menu level to adapt to the needs of industrial users. The operator menu can be customized to fit your operation and minimized the need for an NDT specialist.

IN-Sight features a customized display, eliminating clustering and unnecessary information. A password protected supervisor level allows system to be set-up by more knowledgeable NDT personnel.

  • Single Channel or up to 8 multiplexed channels
  • Embedded into a rack mounted PC or a portable workstation
  • 20 KHz PRF
  • 200 MHZ A/D Digitizer, 10 bits
  • Linear Amplifier and attenuator
  • Real time digital and analog alarms
  • Fully Customizable User Interface
  • 8 programmable cycles per channel




Operator Interface






UT Controls








DAC Control







Gate Control

Summarized Gate Information