Automated Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements

Mepuls ™ is a non-contact ultrasonic measurement system that can be retrofited to adapt to your current CNC machine. Using real time measurements, part thicknesses can be measured to validate part compliance for process and quality control. Coupling is performed using cutting fluid. Mepuls leads to more accurate thickness measurements both in terms of position and precision. With Mepuls manual thickness measurements are eliminated.

Mepuls ™ solution can help reduce control times by up to 90% and improve process/quality control. No modification to your current machine tool is required.

Mepuls ™ features include:

  • Automated measurements (use the CNC command control to get access to the points that needs to be measured)
  • Embedded system (communicate with your CNC to ensure measurements are made accurately and rapidly)
  • Wireless communication (no wiring, uses Zbee communication to download data to PC)
  • Non-contact (Absolute UT measurements)
  • Fully retrofited on existing machine with central cooling or side cooling
  • Small and industrial (fits on the tool changer, no external power required)
  • Fault Management – Auto-detection of faults such as loss of coupling, chips, material

Using our ultrasonic measurement head, a control computer, a few measurement routines integrated to your controller software, you can begin to automate your thickness measurements today.


Mepuls ™ -Automated Thickness Measurement


Save time. Save money. Improve quality.